Our Mini dental implant services can help you feel more secure and comfortable in your smile in Louisville, Ky. For decades, patients have received the benefits of mini dental implants. And we hope to help you understand how mini dental implants can brighten your smile too.  

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are a type of dental implant that is used to support one or more prosthetic teeth. They are ideal for people who do not have enough bone density to support a traditional dental implant. In addition, mini dental implants typically cost less than conventional dental implants. As a result, they are an increasingly popular option for people who need to replace one or more missing teeth.

We can use mini dental implants to provide you with excellent results in many different ways. For example:

Removable Snap-in Denture

If you are having trouble with your traditional dentures fitting the way they used to, turn to Freedom Mini Dental Implants for help. At our office, we can turn your ill-fitting dentures into an easy snap-on solution. Simply come into our office for a consultation, and we will find the right solution for you. 

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  • There is no reason to live with ill-fitting dentures that require messy adhesives and limit the ability to chew. Our mini dental implants allow you to easily snap in your dentures without using sticky dental adhesive.
  • This is the most economical way to manage loose dentures. Not only is dental adhesive frustrating to use, but purchasing bottles of it can be costly. Mini dental implants are an affordable and long-term way to keep your dentures in place.
  • Snap-in dentures involve placing between 5-6 implants per arch. This allows the bone to hold the mini dental implant in place.

Fixed Bridge (Roundhouse)

This restoration provides a permanent bridge solution supported by implants. This dental bridge is fixed into place, meaning it is not removable, which is most like your natural teeth. For the fixed bridge, we typically place 10 – 12 implants per upper or lower arch.

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  • The final bridge is fitted for patient comfort and aesthetic approval and then cemented in place.
  • You no longer need to worry about your teeth moving or falling out because this is a fixed bridge.
  • It’s an excellent restorative option for replacing many teeth. 
  • As these are made to match your mouth and gums, they are most like your natural teeth you were born with.

Single Tooth Replacement

If you have one tooth that needs to be replaced, then a single tooth replacement with a mini dental implant may be an excellent solution. Like with large dental implants, this procedure replaces one tooth, yet, it is a minimally invasive and more affordable option. 

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Replace One or More Missing Teeth

  • It’s a cost-effective way to add single teeth or multiple teeth.
  • Get rid of your flipper or partial.
  • One fee for the implant and the crown – you get the implant and the final tooth for nearly the cost of a traditional implant!

Detachable Bridge

This mini dental implant option gets rid of the Denture, while it is still removable. The biggest difference is there isn’t as much material, such as in the roof of your mouth, and the bridge is much stronger being made of a space-age lightweight polymer instead of the normal acrylic plastic associated with a denture.

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  • The Detachable Bridge involves placement between 8 – 10 implants, determined by the bone volume and bone quality. Similar to dentures, this dental appliance has a tooth bridge that replaces your entire set of teeth. Yet, this restorative option is different because it is much stronger and has much less material than a traditional denture.
  • Taste your food again! It will be easier for your food to touch your palette without artificial gums, allowing you more taste. 
  • This is a bridge that can be detached by the dentist as needed for cleaning visits, while it stays in your mouth daily. You simply brush and clean it like natural teeth.
  • It is an excellent option without the bulk of a denture at a price point lower than the permanent option.

From securing your traditional dentures to a single tooth replacement, mini dental implants can help. To schedule an appointment, call our office today. Dr. Ackerman and team look forward to hearing from you.